Children's Music Theory Workbooks

Created by Juilliard-Trained Teachers

Level 1

Authored by two Juilliard-trained teachers, Doctor Mozart music theory workbooks stand out for two reasons: They teach music theory in-depth. Yet they are also colorful and fun. This combination of depth and appeal is one key reason why these theory workbooks are so effective - for beginners and intermediate students alike.

Juilliard is a world-famous music college. The Juilliard name is synonymous with the finest in music education. That's why Juilliard attracts some of the world's most talented music students. And many of the students who graduate from Juilliard go on to become music professors in the world's leading universities.



Highly Effective for Children Learning a Musical Instrument.

Level 2

Doctor Mozart music theory workbooks come in three levels. The Level 1 workbooks offer the solid music theory foundation that beginners need to succeed with music lessons. The more advanced Level 2 and 3 workbooks provide essential help for intermediate music students.

Whether your child is learning piano, guitar, violin – or singing in a choir – Doctor Mozart's keyboard-based approach to music theory can help your child succeed.




Level 1

Doctor Mozart piano theory workbooks are designed to help young music students achieve superior results. They are popular with students, and recommended by teachers who prefer the very best teaching materials.

Doctor Mozar music theory workbooks are popular among parents who value a first-rate music education for their children. Click here to learn more about Doctor Mozart music theory workbooks.

Level 1




About Juilliard

According to Wikipedia, The Juilliard School is a performing arts conservatory founded in 1905, specializing in dance, drama, and music performance. Located in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City, Juilliard is widely recognized as one of the world's leading music schools.

Enjoy some Chopin Etudes played by co-author Machiko on the Doctor Mozart Youtube Channel.


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