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Doctor Mozart workbooks help students enjoy learning music theory, which helps them stay interested and engaged. But the colorful illustrations and diagrams are not just entertaining. They also serve as highly effective memory aids, helping your students learn more permanently.

Doctor Mozart workbooks teach basic music theory in-depth, to help your students make faster progress with their music lessons. Yet each Doctor Mozart workbook is written in a simple, self-explanatory style, so that students and parents can understand the concepts on their own, at home.

Parents enjoy Doctor Mozart too, and their involvement can support your students' progress with music theory. This can enable you to focus more of each lesson on teaching repertoire and performance.

Doctor Mozart is the Fun Way to Learn Music Theory In-Depth

Doctor Mozart music theory workbooks are all the more effective because they are not only fun, but in-depth too, as you can see in this chart:



What will your students learn?

In every Doctor Mozart music theory workbook, your students will acquire skills and knowledge that contribute to success with music lessons.

For example, your students will learn how the white keys are named. Then they will learn about distance on the keyboard, in terms of steps and skips. Your students will also practice drawing lines from staff notes to the keyboard. And they will learn about musical time, musical terminology, and key signatures.



In the Level 2 and 3 workbooks, Doctor Mozart teaches intervals in-depth. Your students will learn to identify any major or minor interval, up and down from any degree of any scale.

Doctor Mozart also teaches students to write and recognize scales, key signatures, and chords. Armed with this knowledge, your students will make faster progress on their musical instrument.

In other words, the Doctor Mozart music theory workbook series will enable your students to:

  • Read music better, making it easier to learn new repertoire, and
  • Understand intervals, scales, and chords, making it easier to analyze, memorize and improvise.

Doctor Mozart Videos

We hope you enjoy these helpful, informative videos, created from earlier versions of the Doctor Mozart workbooks.

1. What's So Special About Doctor Mozart?

Watch this entertaining video, and learn why Doctor Mozart music theory workbooks are so effective.

2. Stage Fright: Help Kids Overcome It With Doctor Mozart

Your children and students will perform better if they can overcome stage fright. But how can Doctor Mozart help? Watch this video. The answers may surprise you.

When to Start Doctor Mozart Music Theory Workbooks

Start your 5 to 8 year olds on Doctor Mozart Level 1A. Students 8 years and older can start with the Older Beginners workbook, which progresses more quickly.

Some students will need an adult nearby to help, including young children who are not yet able to read. They can use Doctor Mozart music theory workbooks:

The Doctor Mozart music theory workbook series is compatible with these widely-recognized music theory education programs:



Enjoy some Chopin Etudes played by co-author Machiko on the Doctor Mozart Youtube Channel.


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