Will Your Child Succeed with Music Lessons?


Every year, parents like you spend thousands of dollars on music lessons. Regardless of the cost, there are some very good reasons for enrolling your child in music lessons, such as:

  • To advance your child's mental development
  • To improve your child's physical coordination, and
  • To boost your child's overall academic achievement.

Naturally, you want your child's music lessons to be a successful, enjoyable experience. So you need to avoid the pitfalls. And you need to understand how music lessons can fail.

Why do so many children quit taking music lessons?

It is all too common for young children to become discouraged, lose interest, and stop taking music lessons. Often, this is because these young music students have not learned enough basic music theory. Without a solid music theory foundation, these children find it difficult to read and learn music. Hence, their progress is slow, and they experience more frustration than enjoyment.

Once a child experiences deep frustration, discouragement, and failure, restoring his or her motivation is most often impossible. And sadly, the lifelong pleasure of playing a musical instrument is typically lost forever. Thus, as a parent, you have just one chance to get it right.



How You Can Make a Difference

Obviously, playing a musical instrument requires physical coordination. But what is less obvious is that considerable knowledge is also needed. Your child needs to understand diverse topics such as key signatures, rhythm notation, chords, intervals, and much more.

Fortunately, Doctor Mozart music theory workbooks make it fun for your child to learn music theory essentials – in-depth. So your child can make better progress – with less struggle.

This is why Doctor Mozart music theory workbooks are such a wise investment. And they are very affordable. They are a gift your child will remember and appreciate for the rest of his or her life.

What Many Parents Don't Realize


Most private music lessons are less than one hour long – and they are one week apart! This falls far short of the daily support your child enjoys at school. Ideally, your child would have a music lesson every day – but your music teacher is busy, and your budget is limited.

So how can you help your child between music lessons? You can make an enormous difference by getting involved yourself. Show interest, and praise your child's daily progress. And no matter what method books your music teacher uses, give your child an advantage by purchasing some Doctor Mozart music theory workbooks as well.



Doctor Mozart workbooks are easy to use at home, because they are easy to understand – for you and your child. Being not only fun, but in-depth too, Doctor Mozart workbooks will stimulate your child's interest, while helping your child learn more – with less struggle.

To help your child even more, try this: Purchase the first Doctor Mozart workbook (Level 1A) several months before music lessons start. Every day, explore the workbook together with your child for 5 or 10 minutes. Encourage your child to complete just one or two exercises. Most likely, this activity will spark your child's interest, and inevitably, your child will begin learning. This head start will enable your child to make more rapid progress once actual music lessons begin.

Once your child's lessons begin, bring your Doctor Mozart workbooks. When the teacher sees not only how colorful and helpful they are, but also the exceptional progress your child makes, your music teacher is sure to be delighted and impressed.

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